Page-Roberts in the News

Following the recently launched IP of the Page-Roberts design concept, we’ve received some excellent traction in the news.

Announcements of the Page-Roberts design concept have been adeptly covered across The Financial Times, Autocar & The Engineer among others. We are thrilled the media are as interested as we are in the greater depth of the intricacies of our design and the solutions to the key barriers within the EV market.

Our CEO and founder Freddy Page-Roberts and CTO Mark Simon commented on the state of the current EV market and the way in which the Page-Roberts concept offers innovative solutions. Read the full article in The Times.

Freddy Page-Roberts shared his viewpoints on the direction the EV market is currently heading towards, arguing that legacy manufacturers are failing future generations of drivers by refusing to put purpose over profit and embrace unconventional vehicle architectures. Read more in Automotive World.

Additionally, journalists have been eager to delve deeper into the Page-Roberts’ mindset on the back of the IP launch. Freddy Page-Roberts offered his expert commentary to Autocar where he discusses the company’s entire process from conception to future vision.

We are proud to be part of the future EV movement, and will continue to push boundaries and perceptions for the good of the industry.

Watch this space!